What Fans Have To Say

"Mr. Raglin sir you have been an inspiration to me for many years"
- Brian K.

"Love your videos.... if I wanna get pumped up for the upcoming deer season I just turn on any of your videos!"
- Adam R.

"I've used Roger's tips from the show for many, many years!"  
- Richard S.

"I use the Roger Raglin scent products!! Best products I have ever brought to the woods with me.  Great products! I Have been a lifetime fan of the show! I look forward to each episode!! Thanks Roger!"
- Drew R.

"Roger's knowledge that I've used over the years to help put myself in the best hunting situation!"
- Brian B.

"I really like the Mail Call segments on the show!"
- Derrick Y.

"I've been watching Roger's videos since I was 14...I'm 41 now. Would love to meet Roger. Jiminy Christmas!"
- Cory G.

"I love Rogers knowledge of huntig whitetail bucks. All his videos, I love the old ones the best, I have them all."
- Ron B.

"The reason I watch the show is because I love Roger. He knows the way, he is hilarious, and is love his excitement!"
- Nathan H.

"Thanks for the many years of teaching Roger!"
- Gary W.